Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa, built in 1806, has thirthy eight bedrooms offering modern amenities. Stories tell that in the Edwardian times the house was owned by a wealthy, middle-aged bachelor. An attractive member of the resident female staff, Mollie, who acted as a housekeeper, fell victim to the owner’s advances. She later mysteriously vanished and an apparition of a young woman wearing a straight skirted gown with a neatly ironed apron, and carrying a basket of flowers, has been seen gliding through the reception hall, into the kitchen and continuing into the garden, where she vanishes. Why does the phantom vanish at a certain spot in the garden? Is it perhaps of some significance? And if it is not Mollie, who is she and what is the reason for her haunting?

Frederick Arthur Hood, Mel Taylor and Mary Bennett purchased the house in 1977 and after lovingly restoring the property to its former glory, opened the doors as Brandshatch Place Country Club, which quickly become renowned locally for its haute cuisine, exhaustive wine list and exceptional service.

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